We are a company evolving day by day, with worldwide achievements.
Let's step together to next stage, and far beyond it.


Job category
  • (1)Hotel or Hostel staff(All related jobs including reception, cleaning), or staff in Cafe restaurant.
  • (2)Property operator, at Sales & Strategy department.
  • (3)Graphic designer, Web designer, Programmer, at Creative departments
  • (4)Apartment manager(Operation on reception, management of real estates)
  • (5)Finance & Accounting staff, at Administration department
Recruitment target Regardless of genders, experiences and careers.
Job location All of our offices and departments.
Salary 160,000 JPY / month - (Part-time work wage 900 JPY - / hour) *Depends on job locations & departments
Allowances For job locations, Position, Commutes, and *Overtime works(*Time charge).
Day-off and holidays system Shift system(*Different on department and job location.) Paid holidays.
Employee benefit program Various social insurance equipped, Employees' trip, Maternity leave(For person who worked more than 1 year), Benefit on use in group stores & shops.

If you are interested or have any question,
please do not hesitate to contact us.

message from CEOASTEER

We stepped into new stage after established Asteer. Co., Ltd. on 6th August, 2014.

Hotels, Hostels and restaurants.
All places change into very valuable ones for our customers
while they enjoy foods and meeting new people.

Our strength is, we are always trust each other
and offer best hospitality to every customers.

We are, widely developing our services and hospitalities to all over the world,
As a company with “Place where we can meet and grow up each other beyond borders”.

We will be evolving with challenge, ambition, learning and appreciation for every scenes.