All We Are Stars,
All We Are Professionals.

our teamASTEER

Hayato Tanikado

President, CEO

All the people I have met in my life changed to irreplaceable and precious people for me now. My dream is, to offer smiles to all people in the world always with appreciation, aspirations and interest for learning new things.

Jun Tanikado

Administration Department

Main chef of “ARK Dining” in Osaka Japan. He had trained several years in some famous and starred restaurants in Japan, and now instructing many dining staffs, and personal developments on them.

Koichi Shiga

Chef. From Kobe Japan. “Please enjoy our dishes!!”

Yasuhiro Kawamoto

Chief Marketing Officer

In charge of personal development and new projects. From Osaka Japan, Favorite foods are nuts.

Nana Okamoto

Patissier in the main dining, her future target is opening her cafe. “Our menu is changing as seasonal, please come and enjoy our dining.

Tatsuhiko Sueda

Assistant Manager

Fun for travel and photography. Passion to make the place where everyone gather from all over the world and have drink together. Life goal “Be simple, Be fun”.

Chang Woo Lim

Hostel receptionist, from Busan in South Korea. After working at Tokyo, now he is working in Ark HOstel & Cafe Dining in Osaka, Japan. “Please come to Osaka and ask me anything you want!!” He also works hardly for his goal “The world without any discrimination.”

Shizuka Toyota

She serves delicious dishes and offers valuable time for all customers at ARK Dining in Osaka Japan. Now she is on her way learning English, for communication with foreign customers.

Myoung Jin Choi

Multilingual staff for Japanese, Korean and Chinese. Trying to be “World bridge” which connect everyone’s happy memories. His goal is to make his own company with branches in every major cities all over the world.

Hideki Tanaka

His mission is to think always what important for customers is, and what needed for staff is. His favorite thing is to play video games and watch animation TV in day off.

Hiroyo Uno

Hotel receptionist. Her skill on making Orizuru(Paper-made crane) make foreign customers happy. She hopes that her smile makes all customers happy.

Minoru Hirao

Hotel receptionist of ARK BLUE HOTEL in Kokura Fukuoka Japan. He loves to travel and his life goal is to travel the whole world. He is making comfortable stay for guests, based on his experiences of staying in many foreign countries.

Tae Tagawa

Cafe staff. She likes to visit other cafes, and learn from them to make our cafe better. Motto is “Cafe where every customers feel happy when they visit.”

Risa Kajiwara

Hotel receptionist. She enjoys live-house and dance hall once in a month because she loves reggae music. Her goal is to visit Jamaica where is the origin of reggae music, and experience real reggae music there.

Hironori Kaga

Hotel receptionist. He is committing to offer the priceless time and experience for all guests.

Marie Seki

From Tokyo. Her goal is to make the place which makes customers smiled. Life theme is “Enjoy”. “We enjoy everyday, hope you come to see us!!”

Kyosuke Minami

He had worked as hair stylist, and now thinking to work on global stage with experiences as hair stylist. Also he is trying to study English more for communication with customers from overseas.