We aim to become a supplier of impression and happiness.

People would be satisfied with service more than imagined.
Otherwise, would not be satisfied with service less than imagined.

We think, our value is defined by our service to all our guests.
And we know, our guests expect on not only our products, but also our service.

Service beyond expectation turns into happier surprise,
Impression beyond expectation will make smile, which is our happiness.

Take good care of customers.

My preciousness in life, is to have met a lot of people ever. I make and offer smile to everyone in the world with appreciation, aspiration and interest for learning new things.

Hayato Tanikado (President CEO)

Making better work-environment for everyone.

At our branches in Eastern Japan, we’ve prepared communicative environment for making better relationship and cooperation between staffs. We will keep on it even while we’re starting new branches and stores to offer good place to work for our staffs.

Restaurant Department East Japan are manager, Tetsuya Seto

All the staffs are better Leaders.

We’re always offering better service to customers, by not just following rules and manuals, but thinking as leader. At the same time, our department prepare a system which supports for all staffs to start their own stores and shops as carrier steps or their goals.

Restaurant West area manager, Jun Tanikado

Managing 3 eyelash beauty salons.

We support our customers and staffs to get more happiness, smile and confidense through beauty business and our service.

Beauty salons department chief manager, Sachiko Yamasaki

Relationship between people, is never changed.

I’m working on training for customer service on our business to make them better and better. Even though IT technologies are recently changing the way our society and business are, I think “Human-to-human relationships” is never changed. If times and ages will be changing, Asteer’s “Omotenashi” service will always bring happiness and special experience to all our customers, and to make it I will keep on improving our service with a thankful mind for meeting our customers.

Omotenashi-Service chief manager, Kazuhito Hashizume

Innovation on how visual state works.

In recent, visual states are thought as very important role for business. But we think, it’s more important to tell the stories of products or service, than just showing how it looks better. Telling story “How it’s made?” or “What product-seller/maker thought about?”, is same as telling real value of products for people. Through media creating such as photo shooting or designs, we are innovatively showing real value of the things.

Media create department Chief Manager, Tatsuhiko Sueda

AIMEROSE is only-one brand for customers.

We are keeping up our service quality and technical abilities, to make ourselves chosen by customers with reliance. By making good environments for them, our salons fortunately have many repeat-customers, and not only on customers but we can see many smiles on staffs.

Eyelash AIMEROSE store manager, Suzuka Akamatsu